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Bollywood Movie Review: Dil Dhadakne Do


I am such a fan of Zoya Akhtar films. It’s hard finding a female producer/director in Bollywood, especially one who makes such fantastic blockbusters.

When ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ was announced, I knew it was going to be an awesome movie. I’m just pissed I didn’t get to see it the minute it came out. I had to wait two weeks before I was finally able to slip away and watch it with my roommate.

So overall impression?

Good. I liked Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ better (although I wished it had been an all-female cast instead) but this movie sticks with you on an emotional level that Zindagi didn’t quite reach. You feel for every single one of the family members…well, except the father. I didn’t find him sympathetic at all.

All the characters were flawed as well which I really enjoyed, too. Despite how much I could relate to them, I saw their dysfunctional personalities and accepted those dysfunctions as if they were real people struggling with relatable problems.

I think the best part of the movie was how completely fleshed out the secondary characters appeared. Every single one of them was a unique person with individuality. As a writer, I find that to be the truest test of story development. (Spoiler: the dog had the most adorable personality of the whole story)

Impression of the music?

I know that some people aren’t a fan because it’s throwback to 80’s or even the Jazz era, but I LOVE the music. It’s so damn catchy. (see videos below)

Impression of story specifically?

Okay so this is why DDD didn’t rate “mind blowing” in my book. Because I think at points there were too many issues with the story and at the end, it just didn’t seem finished. Maybe that was why Zoya Akhtar left the ending the way it was, but I still wanted a bit more closure.

Still incredibly happy I saw this movie. Zoya Akhtar doesn’t disappoint! Now Zoya, will you please make a movie with a strong female cast? Puh-leeeeeeeseeeee????

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  1. priyanka and anil kapoor acting superb.

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