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I went to Bali and it was hot.

You guys. I wish I blogged more but there is so much in my life that is going on that I’ve had no choice but to neglect my online stuff. 

But no more! I’ve come back to talk to you about my trip. This summer I went on a family vacation to Thailand, Cambodia and Bali, Indonesia. We went in May starting in Bangkok and ending in Bali for an Indian wedding. The trip lasted a total of 13 days, if you count the 26 hours it took to get out there and the 26 hours back. The trip included my parents and sister, as well as three other families. It was a big thing.

Here is what I learned: 

Qatar is governed by Islamic law and birth control is still over the counter for women. My sister and I found this out when we went into a pharmacy in the airport. Hey, U.S. Stop throwing stones until you get your shit together. 

Doha from the airplane. Isn’t it amazing?


Our tour guide in Bangkok kept trying to take us to the red-light district because that’s where a lot of the tourists spend their money apparently. It’s like a thing to go check out the “massage” parlors. We had to tell the tour guide no, but when my sister and I decided to take a walk in downtown Bangkok one night to find a Starbucks, we somehow ended up there and it was…well. Let’s just say the English that people did know, was interesting. 

We also did the river market which was amazing! We got into long boats and did some shopping. 

We did a water market and our parents had fun!

We did a river market and our parents had fun!



Boat jams do exist.

We then went to Pattaya which is outside of Bangkok. There are ruins everywhere because at one time it was an ancient city. One of the most amazing sights in Pattaya is the ancient Banyan tree that has the Buddha face in the roots. 

Buddha in a tree

Buddha in a tree

The central part of Pattaya had over 50 Buddha statues at one time but when invaders came, they stole all of the gold and jewels, and chopped off the heads of most of the statues. The few that are preserved are just incredible.

Then onward to Cambodia! 

My favorite part of Cambodia was not only the amazing ruins in Siem Reap, but holy shit do these guys do amazing massages. I had a 3 hour treatment for 60 US Dollars. I’m not shitting you. We were in a high-end resort which had this gorgeous spa and it was still 60 US bucks. 

There are a lot of expats in Cambodia because it’s so cheap to live there but the poverty is really hard to see. It’s such an impoverished country, and they really rely on tourism, especially during the drought when agriculture suffers. 

But check out how amazing Siem Reap is!

But check out how amazing Siem Reap is!

We also went to the 'tomb raider' temple which was just as amazing.

We also went to the ‘tomb raider’ temple which was just as amazing.

And a Buddha temple where each pillar has the four faces of Buddha.

And a Buddha temple where each pillar has the four faces of Buddha.

After that we headed to Bali, and…well…it was pretty but yours truly had gotten sick so I didn’t get to experience a lot of it. A few people had said to us at the resort that Bali is like Mexico and if we wanted really amazing beaches, we needed to go to the Maldives. I’ll take their word for it. The wedding in Bali that we went to was beautiful, though. Both the bride and the groom were adorable. 



Wedding Mandaap

Wedding Mandaap


And there you have it! My brief recap of my Thailand/Cambodia/Indonesia adventure. Word to the wise: It was 100 degrees, with 100 percent humidity in May. On top of that, the flight is LONG so if you can fly business class, DO IT. And last but not least, in Thailand, try to make it out to Phuket to see the beaches, and Ubud in Indonesia to see the Elephant sanctuary. 

Thus concludes my summer travel adventures. 



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