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London Calling- 2017 Travel Adventure

I think that traveling is a privilege and if you are able to do it, then take advantage of it when you can, and accept it as a blessing because so many people aren’t able to pick up and go. I spent almost all of my twenties studying and working and not taking advantage of all the things I was capable of doing. I’m desperate to make up for it in my thirties.


My first big trip of the year took me to the land of the Brits (my second visit, Boo’s first) and I couldn’t have been happier. My purpose for the trip was to do some first-hand research for my next novel. (And to spend some time with Boo for his birthday). 

We found this awesome hotel that was way on one side of London, but the view at night overlooking the London Bridge was fantastic.

We took some time for High Tea…

and ate THE BEST CHICKEN TIKKA EVER at Dishoom. Seriously. Best Twitter suggestion I’ve ever received.


We also had a classy English Breakfast at the Shard and I learned something very important. Classy English Breakfasts are kind of gross. At least to me. 


We visited Borough Market which was a ton of fun. 

We didn’t just eat though. We enjoyed the rainy weather while site-seeing too. 


But it was a short 3 day trip so that’s pretty much all we could manage. Can’t wait to go back, though! If anyone has any food/travel suggestions for London, I’d love to hear them! I’m compiling a list. 




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