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Miami, food, and the importance of sleep

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis knows that I am burned out. Like seriously, I’ve been melting the candle at both ends for so long that I’m not even functioning like a normal human being anymore. So, when my awesome Aunt Christine asked if I wanted to go to Miami for a long weekend because she, too was burned out, I said HELL YES. 





Why Miami? Well, that’s where she’s gone for years to rest and recuperate. Lay poolside, eat amazing Cuban food, go to the spa, all that stuff. Because she is my role model in being a strong, self sufficient, independent woman with workaholic problems, I followed her cue and off we went for three days. 


First, we stayed at The Standard Hotel. It’s off the main strip of Miami Beach hotels, and nestled on the bay. The pool was amazing, the staff was even better, and the suite we had overlooked the water. Best of all, it had one of the best spas in Miami equipped with a Turkish Hum-um and the most amazing masseuses I’ve ever had. 


Our suite bathroom!


The bonfire is lit every night

IMG_6806 (1)

A swing garden!


Turkish Humum!


Turkish Humum take two!


Second, we ate at Huahua Taqueria which has restored my faith in the brilliance of elotes. I mean, we’re talking corn on the cob, right? Super simple, except it’s covered in butter and cheese and I don’t know what else but it’s FABULOUS. Also, every morning for breakfast I had the Avocado Toast at the Standard. Guys. AVOCADO TOAST. So simple but they infused it with magic. That’s the only explanation. (Other places of importance: Icebox, Prime Fish)


Third, it may have been my first time in Miami, but I didn’t bother with the nightlife. I heard how amazing it was. Hell, even my mother had gone to the clubs when she went down there (but she’s a party animal so she may not count). But I was in bed at 9:30PM every night and I usually took a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day. I read four books, and did nothing but lay around. Whether sleep is really like a bank and you have to store up, or whether my body just needed to relax AF, sometimes those getaways aren’t about where you go, but about what you do when you go away. 


So as the weather gets warmer up in the northeast, I’m already planning my next trip somewhere. I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to travel more and stress less, so we’ll see how much I can make that come true! I just hope the experience is as awesome as with Aunt Christine, and I get just as much sleep.


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