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My 2016 recap 2 months late

Every year I try to do a recap on all the fun things that happened over the course of twelve months. I started the tradition a little while back, and I want to keep it going. This year, I sort of dropped the ball on timing. Why? Well, let’s just say 2016 was busy. Here we go: 


In January, my childhood best friend Adrienne had a baby! Adele (named after the little girl in Jane Eyre, not the singer–b/c you know, it’s my bestie’s kid and all) made her debut into the world with the brightest cap of red hair EVER. My Hindu godschild is perfect. 


The year was starting out pretty stressful for both me and my aunt Christine, so I followed her to her favorite chilling spot in Miami, Florida. We checked into the Standard Hotel for three days and had an amazing time. I couldn’t have been more grateful. 


At the very beginning of March (end of Feb), I got another call from someone who wanted to take a short trip. Heather gave me a ring and was like “want to go to Boston?” Since I hadn’t been in over a decade, I said “sure!” I packed up my bags again and left with Robin and Heather in tow. 

I also went to see my former roommate and sweetest friend ever Ashmi in DC where she now lives! Early cherry blossom festival anyone? 


I used to dance. For like, 11 years actually. Classical Indian dance from the north called Kathak. I still love dance, but more of the bump and grind/Bollywood variety. It was never my first passion and I’ve made peace with that. However, that doesn’t stop me from registering for a master class with the great Saroj Khan, India’s most famed and best Bollywood choreographer. She has choreographed classical Indian dance pieces, bump and grind and Bollywood. It was an AMAZING class. 

I also went to the Kweli conference for the first time in the city hosted by Kweli magazine and I met some Swanky 17s! These guys have books coming out this year so check them out!

Speaking of Swanky’s, I went to my first meetup of debut 17 authors in the city. People were in town and we all got together for Korean Bbq at Gannouri. It was amazing. Love these guys. 


May was incredible because I went to Bali, Cambodia, and Thailand! There was a group of us, and we’ve traveled together since we were kids. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Also, super hot. 


I got a new job in June! It is so much more work than where I was before but now I’m an advocate for diversity in more than one area in my life. I think that’s super important. 


I got a new car! I was driving a lot to work and well, I needed one. So yeay new car! Honda HRV. I dont have a picture of it because well, you know, it’s just a car. 


In August, my mom and I went to the DREAM TEAM Bollywood show where a bunch of Bollywood actors came to dance/perform. All of the newcomer hotties. Seriously: Google the following names followed by the word ‘SHIRTLESS’ and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 






In September, I got to meet up with my lovely desi writing buds int the city. We ate at a pop up restaurant on the rooftop of EATALY. I always love hanging out with these girls. 

I also took my cousin Lily on her first trip to an apple orchard. She had a blast picking every damn apple in the entire place. 


October was another month of traveling. I went to Florida twice. Once to Miami again because I had a work conference where I met Gloria Estefan. That’s right. Gloria. Flesh and blood. 

At the end of the month, I took my bestie Laura on her bachelorette trip! We went to Harry Potter World for Halloween and it was amazeballs. I’m so happy she found her Ron Weasley. 


In November, we became official. <3


And I had tons of fun at an Eagles game with my college roommate. 


And I spent a ton of time with family!


In December, I moved into a house that I had a hand in designing the finishes. It was a brutal process getting the house but I couldn’t be happier now that I’m in my space. It’s perfect.

So there is my year in review! A lot happened last year. Hell, a lot has already happened this year and it’s only February. I don’t regret it though. Ever since I tried this new thing out where I experience one new/incredible experience a month, I’ve felt so much gratitude towards the family and friends in my life. 

So here’s to a (belated) 2017!

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