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The Winnie Metha Bollywood Award for Excellence 2016

In The Perfect Ending, my main character, Winnie Metha, is obsessed with Bollywood. In honor of her, I’m posting the second annual  Winnie Metha Bollywood Award for Excellence (music category only). So without further ado, here are the winners! 


Best Item Songs 

The Humma Song from OK Jaanu

Why? Well it’s not your traditional item song because it’s not some sexy actress dancing in front of a bunch of men. Instead, it’s a couple who are totally going to get it. (Wink wink) and it’s AWESOME. At first I was like, ugh, it’s another remake of the original Humma Song, but after a few listens I was hooked. 

So kudos Bollywood. For making an ‘Item’ song that doesn’t revolve around a stage dancer doing boob shakes while being oogled by gross men. 

Sau Tarah Ke from Dishoom

Why? This is more of the traditional item song, but I literally watch it for glimpses of John Abhraham strutting with all his muscles. 

Jaaneman Aaah from Dishoom

Why? So another traditional item song from the same movie, but this was Parineeti Chopra’s big reveal after she started this crazy work out regimen for a movie and she looks WAY too good to not say, girl, you deserve a prize because I know how hard it is to go to the gym every day.

Best Dance Songs

Kar Gayi Chull from Kapoor and Sons

Why? Because this song makes me think that it’s written just so I can bust into a party, stand on a table and lead a synchronized dance routine. 

Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai from Sultan

Why? Well I know that Salman Khan has this ugly past and I try to boycott his movies, but he sort of killed it in Sultan and this song gets my butt shaking every time. 

The Breakup Song from Ae Dil Mushkil 

Why? You try listening to this song and tell me you don’t agree. 

Let’s Nacho from Kapoor and Sons

Why? Like the song says, LETS DANCE. 

Nachange Saari Raat from Junooniyat

Why? Man, these guys WANT each other in this song. The smolder, the sexy hip rolls, I want to dance with them so I can feel some of that awesomeness by association.

Cham Cham from Baaghi

Why? Let’s call this one a runner up, but only because of the weird techno English words in the middle of the song. Shraadha Kapoor killed this one. 

Kala Chashma from Baar Baara Dekho

Why? This beat is sick and the song makes me want to reach for a pair of black sunglasses. 

Beat Pe Booty from A Flying Jatt

Why? Well because it’s a butt shaking, down and dirty song and Jacqueline makes me want to look just as good when I’m hip-rollin’.


Best Love Songs

Sau Aasamaan from Baar Baar Dekho

Why? Although Sid and Katrina aren’t exactly going to win best actor/actress awards in the next millennium, they look great, try really hard, and this song makes me genuinely believe in love.


Dil Ke Paas from Wajah Tum Ho

Why? This is a remake of an old song too, but the lyrics are fabulous. 

Udi Udi Jayee from Raees

Why? Because it’s an upbeat love song and it’s super sweet.  

Soch Na Sake from Airlift

Although Akshay Kumar confuses me with the type of movies he’s taking these days, I have to say his military picks have some pretty good love songs in them. 


Best Songs for Longing

Jag Ghoomeya from Sultan

Why? Man, talk about a song that makes me think of the mustard seeds of Punjab and sweet longing for simple romance.

Naina from Dangal

Why? Okay, so it’s not really a romance-longing in this song, but more of a father/daughter relationship and it’s so sweet.

Enna Sona from Ok Jaanu


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (title song)

Why? Because it’s so sad! Well not just sad, but you have to really watch the movie to know WHY this is a song of longing. 


Best Bollywood Movie Soundtracks 


Kapoor and Sons


Baar Baar Dekho



Check out all the songs referenced in my Youtube playlist below.


Until then, stay filmy!!!



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